Sept 26th - Oct 2nd

Oh, hi! Thanks for your interest in Milwaukee Cocktail Week, or MKECW to our friends. MKECW is a week-long celebration of cocktails in Milwaukee. We put on high-caliber events that showcase the cocktail scene as it currently exists in Milwaukee, as well as give a glimpse as to where the scene is  going. We're very excited about this year's lineup. The full schedule of Headliner Events can be found on the home page ... eventually. But you're not here for that. You clicked here because you want to know more about us, right? Well here it is.


Milwaukee Cocktail Week was founded by Brian West, publisher of Alcoholmanac Magazine (a local drink culture magazine that you should totally check out [shameless plug]).  He quickly found some great partners in Ira Koplowitz of Bittercube, and Paul and Lori Fredrich (formerly of MKE Foodies and From Milwaukee with Love).


The goal is simple: to get Milwaukee excited about the amazing cocktail culture we have and are developing. We'd love nothing more than to see more Milwaukeans drinking quality cocktails at their favorite bars more and more often.


To do that, we've created a week-long series of events showcasing cocktails at some of the bars that are leaders in the cocktail movement here.  This year, we're also arranging for more bars and restaurants than ever to be able to participate in MKECW.


Every participating venue will have a special, MKECW-exclusive cocktail menu prepared that will be available as part of their regular bar/restaurant service. This menu will feature special cocktails at special MKECW prices. Some restaurants will even have an exclusive Milwaukee-Cocktail-Week-only coursed tasting menu option, complete with cocktail pairings! These will be great ways for you to participate in MKECW and see what all the buzz is about, even if you can't make it to one of our Headliner Events.


Well, that's about it, really. We hope you enjoy the week. Just be smart and safe. Don't drink and drive, of course. And #sorrynotsorry about the hangover(s).